In a captivating convergence of artistry and functionality, ASICS and Vivienne Westwood coalesce once more in a dynamic collaboration: the exclusive ASICS x Vivienne Westwood GEL-KAYANO™ 27 LTX. Inspired by the audacious spirit of the legendary 1974 'SEX' collection curated by Westwood and McLaren, this limited-edition footwear masterpiece pays homage to an era that challenged conventions and redefined fashion's boundaries.

Drawing inspiration from the subversive aesthetic of the 'SEX' collection, this custom GEL-KAYANO™ 27 LTX elevates design to an avant-garde realm. Its meticulously crafted upper intricately mirrors rubber stocking seams, accentuated by a bold statement zip, ensconced in a translucent matte material. Imprinted with the iconic Westwood orb and ASICS insignia, this distinctive creation culminates in a visual homage to the era’s rebellious allure. Complemented by a neoprene inner sock, the shoe exudes the essence of rubber tights, capturing the essence of that era's provocative elegance.

While not explicitly designed for the track, the GEL-KAYANO™ 27 LTX inherits the renowned midsole and outsole technologies synonymous with the GEL-KAYANO™ 27. Harnessing ASICS' pioneering GEL™ cushioning and Dynamic Duomax™ innovations within the framework of the I.G.S ™ (Impact Guidance System) Technology, this shoe amalgamates biomechanical precision with fluidity. This comprehensive integration of proprietary technologies caters to diverse sporting needs, ensuring an efficient, natural, and seamless performance.

Both ASICS and Vivienne Westwood epitomize an enduring commitment to excellence in design and materials, underpinned by cutting-edge innovation. This enduring synergy of design philosophies continues to inspire the ongoing evolution of this remarkable collaborative endeavor. The ASICS x Vivienne Westwood GEL-KAYANO™ 27 LTX stands not only as a testament to this shared ethos but also as an embodiment of innovation entwined with the timeless spirit of rebellion and creativity.