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Good news to all our shoppers! We have launched 'Lowest Price Guaranteed' campaign to ensure everyone of you are getting the best price in the market! All you have to do is fulfilled some requirements (kindly refer to our T&C) & get that lowest price for your desired items! What are you waiting for?! Now's your chance to get yourself some goodies!



- This promotional discount is only eligible to individuals who are able to provide sufficient evidence that shows the particular item is not the lowest price as compared to other vendors.

- This promotion is available via online & in-stores.

- For online, e-mail the ‘evidence’ to to gain Online Cash Voucher for online use

- Evidence requirement:

 1. Individual consumer must provide minimum 3 photo evidence (1 picture of the shoe with the price tag, 1 picture of the shoe with outlet brand tag & 1 picture of the shoe with the sizing tag)

 2. The offer only works with official & authorized retailer of the mentioned brand,

 3.Auction sites & outlet stores does not qualify for the promotion.

- Failure to comply with the above said evidence will then forfeit the eligibility for the promotional discount.

- Upon presentation of sufficient evidence, HUNDRED% will provide a price that matches up for the consumers either in the form of cash vouchers or immediate price slashing to match.

- All claims of vouchers must be made within 7 days after the issued date.

- Once an item is purchased in store, there will be a 7 day window in which customers can present ‘evidence’ to HUNDRED% to show that other retailers are selling the same item for cheaper. Receipt of purchase must also be shown to the staff/e-mail for verification.

- This promotion is available only for products/brands that are stocked in HUNDRED%

- The voucher is not redeemable for cash.

- The promotional voucher given cannot be transferred to another individual, in which case, the promotional voucher will be rendered invalid.

- HUNDRED% reserve the rights to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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